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20 February 2024
Aktualności UczelniKatedra Stosunków MiędzynarodowychOgólnouczelniane

International geopolitical essay competition

We are starting another edition of the Geopolitical Essay Competition – this time in an international format, in cooperation with partner Ukrainian universities. The honorary patronage over the competition was once again taken by: His Rector of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm, prof. PANS Ph.D. engineer Arkadiusz Tofil and Senator of the Republic of Poland prof. PANS Ph.D. Józef Zając.

The participants of the Competition may be students of all Polish and Ukrainian universities, as well as students of secondary schools from Poland.

The competition involves writing an essay on one of the following topics:

  • The Baltic Sea in NATO’s security strategy;
  • The importance of secret services in creating political elites in Eastern European countries;
  • Donald Trump’s geopolitical vision of the world on the eve of the US presidential elections;
  • Arab states towards the war between Israel and Hamas;
  • The political and military dimension of chemical weapons;
  • Russian war crimes in Ukraine – judge, settle, punish;
  • Geopolitical consequences of Finland’s membership in NATO;
  • Geopolitical codes of contemporary Russian imperialism;
  • Mercenary troops in contemporary armed conflicts.

The deadline for submitting works is April 12, 2024.

You can win: cash prizes, material prizes, books and diplomas.

The 10 best Competition Participants (total in the pupils/students category) will be qualified to the second stage of the 6th edition of the International Geopolitical Olympiad organized by the Polish Geopolitical Society, without having to participate in the first stage of the Olympiad, but provided they express written consent to participate in the Olympiad.



Dr. Iwona Lasek-Surowiec isurowiec@panschelm.edu.pl

Details can be found at: https://panschelm.edu.pl/konkursptg_sm/

They invite you Organizers:

  • Polish Geopolitical Society
  • Chełm Branch Department of International Relations of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm



  • Department of Political Science and International Relations of the Lviv
  • National University of Technology Department of International Relations,
  • Information and Regional Studies of the National Aviation University in Kiev
  • Department of International Relations of the Podkarpackie
  • National University. Vasyl Stefanyk in Ivano-Frankivsk


  • Student Scientific Club of International Relations of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm.

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